Contra Wave philosophy

Connecting people with nature. That is the goal, which we are trying to fullfill. We are more than an e-shop - we are a community. We love our planet, we are borderless optimists and we strive to make the society better.

Contra Wave is a brand dedicated to the people whose passion is the sea, the sun, the beach and the associated life style. It's about the feelings that you experience while riding on a wave, the joy, the adrenaline, the exhaustion you feel after a great ride, the surf culture and especially about good times with friends.

The brand idea is to connect the combination of sport and the sea with an outstanding graphical layout used on high quality materials, where everyone can find own. In cooperation with well known outdoor photographer Ben Thouard we prepared a limited edition of collection dedicated to all fans of water sports.

Each model is specific, capturing a unique moment, depicting tricks, skills and energy in a timeless design.

Our shirts are made with special care. We use only the best materials to give our customers the best feeling and comfort when worn.

You will feel very unique in your new t-shirt. Be a part of our community, be special.