Shipping & Refund Policy

Our policy

These terms and conditions are valid for shopping in the internet shop Contra Wave. They include and define the rights and responsibilities of the seller (Contra Wave) and the buyer (customer).

By purchasing products on this website, the buyer agrees with the below terms and conditions, which apply to all relations between the seller and the buyer (concluding a lease contract) and also for potential complaints on products.

We kindly advise you to read our terms and conditions carefully before ordering any products from Contra Wave. 

Refund policy

Store credit only. Returns must be in their original condition with tags still attached to accept return within 15 days of receiving. Please note that we cannot refund any shipping or handling charges and you will be responsible for paying the return shipping cost.  Exchanges should be shipped to the following address:

surfpro s.r.o.
Námestie slobody 5
Vranov nad Topľou

Acceptance of your order 

Once an order is placed you will receive an email from the seller confirming the purchase and payment. The order may be cancelled by the buyer via email ( within 24hours after purchase. The seller reserves the right not to accept buyer’s order if the required goods are not available for longer period or if the contact details are not properly completed by the buyer, or if Contra Wave is unable to obtain authorization for payment.

Payment and delivery options

  1. VISA / MASTER CARD (redirect through PAYPAL) Postal registered mail.
  2. PAYPAL (redirect through PAYPAL) Postal registered mail.

Delivery period

The seller is obliged to deliver the products within the shortest period possible, depending on its availability in store. Orders will be shipped out within 2-3 business days upon receipt. Orders are not processed on the weekends. Friday after 12:00 pm is considered weekend orders.

Delivery time is from 3 to 5 working days within Europe and 8 to 20 working days outside of Europe (keep in mind shipping outside of Europe might be more complicated and Contra Wave can therefore not guarantee any precise delivery time). Please, always consider 24 hours in the postal service. The buyer is obliged to pay the full price of the product including shipping costs and weight at the time of the purchase. The seller is not responsible in case of delayed delivery caused by the postal service.

The order can be cancelled within 24 hours after the purchase has been done.

Cancellation and returns

In accordance to the policy of Contra Wave you, as a buyer, have 5 days after receiving the package to return the purchased product in its full condition. The buyer has the right to return the product by writing an email confirming the return at Seller’s permission must be obtained in writing before any of its products may be returned to it by buyer. If products are returned without such permission, buyer authorizes seller to hold the returned products at buyer’s sole risk and expense. Important is to include number of products that are being returned and also the date of the purchase. Products must be returned complete, undamaged and unused, in the same packaging as received including the original receipt. Without of a receipt Contra Wave will not accept any returns. The return of the product are at the buyer’s expense. We always recommend you to insure the parcel. No cash on delivery is accepted when returning the goods. When all of the above conditions are satisfied the seller is obliged to send back the money for the products on buyer’s account within 14 days from the acceptance of the returned products.

Final provisions

All changes of these general terms will be done in the written form only and will be published on the seller’s website by the day they come into force at the latest. These terms and conditions came into effect on 01.06.2015

The right to form a complaint

If the purchased products are damaged, the buyer has the right to form a complaint. It is necessary for the products to be clean, complete and in compliance with general hygiene principles. The buyer is compulsory to use the goods according to the generally known rules, as well as according to the requirements determined for the use and treatment of goods in compliance with its natural lifespan.

How to form a complaint

You can make a complaint in writing by sending it to

The reclaimed products can be delivered by your nearest postal service or by a courier. The complaint must contain full written description of the damage, which is the subject of the complaint and the original receipt of the purchase.

Seller’s responsibility

The seller is responsible for the quality of the products and their properties must answer the demands, legal principles and the purpose. The seller is also responsible for the imperfections, which occurred during guarantee period.

The seller is not responsible in case following defects might occur:

  1. If the defect was caused by the buyer
  2. If the buyer was given a discount on the product or if the product was on sale at the time of the purchase
  3. If the goods were damaged due to improper use (i.e. contrary to the instructions for use)
  4. If the goods were damaged due to unprofessional manipulation
  5. If the color of the material does not exactly correspond with the color on the internet according to which the product was purchased

Once the complaint is accepted, a letter of complaint is issued containing the date of acceptance, what kind of goods is reclaimed, when and where the goods were purchased, what defect has occurred and the price of the goods at the time of the purchase. The letter of complaint is sent to the buyer by e-mail. The seller will then examine the reclaimed product and will make a decision about the complaint. In more complicated cases it may take up to three days. The seller settles the complaint up to 30 days.

Guarantee period

The guarantee period is 6 months from the acceptance of goods unless stated differently on the product, on the packaging or in the guarantee letter. If the claim is provided with repair, guarantee period is extended for the time from the fulfillment of claim to the day, when the consumer is compulsory to take over the goods, even if they did not. If the complaint is provided with exchange of products, new guarantee period runs from the date when the products were delivered, respectively sent to the buyer. If the complaint of defective goods is not applied within the guarantee period, the law of liability for defects expires. The buyer will be informed about the complaint in person via e-mail